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Specialty Items to Promote Your Business

Promotional Items

Do you want something to hand to your customers at tradeshows, or something to give them to show your appreciation for their business? The promotional item field has taken off over the last decade… it seems like you can have your company logo, phone number and/or slogan printed on just about anything these days.

I recently read an article about some of the wackiest ideas for promotional items I've ever heard of. How about a talking sandal. That's right… they planted a logo on the bottom of a sandal so that your footprints will leave a logo behind you in the sand. Also listed were customized tissue boxes with ads on them, single use cameras, water filters… there really seems to be no limit.

Maybe you don't want to go so extravagant with your promotional items. More conservative ideas include imprinted pens, coffee mugs and buttons.

Whatever your tastes are, Skowhegan Press can meet your need with graphic solutions which can be printed on the media of your choice.

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