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Skowhegan Press Announces a New Collating Machine

The Standard Horizon MC-80a offers proven, state-of-the-art, suction-feed technology that elimates feeding and marking problems. The space-saving, vertical design also incorporates advanced programming features a real productivity advantage that allows non-stop collating.

It handles a wide range of stocks, from 11 lb. to 10-point cover, efficiently and error free. And, sheet size can range from 5.8" x 8.3" to 12.5" x 18.5". Includes a good working Horizon Vacuum / Blower Pump.

Skowhegan Press Announces a New Black & White Digital Press

The Océ VarioPrint DP Line redesigns excellence in B&W printing. It’s based on the unique new Océ DirectPress technology, a highly stable technology that prints consistently high-quality images on a wide range of media. A 100% digital technology that doesn’t require high temperatures, exposure or electrical charges to create an image. A high-speed production technology that produces zero ozone. The result is new standards in image consistency, intuitive operation, system configurability and performance uptime. All to reduce costs, reduce the environmental footprint and expand opportunities.

Skowhegan Press Announces New Full Color Printer

We have acquired a CS650 Pro. It is a high-speed digital full color printing system, similar to the full color machine we purchased in October of 2008. It too produces exceptional color prints on a variety of paper media with finishing options for newsletters, brochures, booklets, memos, mailings and more. The Océ CS650 Pro makes short-run color printing affordable for even the smallest project.

This device has proven over the last few months to have been a tremendous and valuable asset to Skowhegan Press' digital production area. We have increased our short-run color sales greatly since this new addition, and look forward to continued use of the CS650 Pro.

Skowhegan Press Announces New Hire

Corey is the new Production Assistant for Skowhegan Press, and also serves as a Press Operator. Corey is responsible for operating our smaller press the ABDick 9810, as well as many other post press jobs. Those jobs include: stitching, spiral binding, collating, folding, perforating, hole drilling, and many other misc. things. Caudill's knowledge and skills have improved greatly during his time with us. He has been a great help to us as the company is continually growing.

We hope Caudill will become a more permanent asset to Skowhegan Press in the near future, as he finishes his studies.

Skowhegan Press Completes Move to New Facility

Please come by and see us anytime. We will schedule an open house as soon as we can, and will be happy to invite all our customers and community friends. We look forward to seeing you all.

Skowhegan Press would also like to announce that we have opened a page on Facebook. If you'd like to see photos of our building under construction, or of our move, that's the place to go. Also, we keep the page updated with what's going on around here. So we'd be delighted if you wanted to check us out on Facebook. Just click the link to take a look.

Skowhegan Press Announces Acquisition of a Building

The company has been renting since its founding back in 1925. According to our research, Skowhegan Press was originally located somewhere near the L.C. Dill Center, across the street from where it resides now. It was moved to its current Water Street location within the first few years of existence, and has resided here for around 80 years. The building we are currently in is owned by Jim & Sally Preble, who operate Top Hat School of Dance from the building.

Skowhegan Press was purchased in 2001 by Bromar Inc., and has been growing steadily ever since. In 2001, the company only employed its president, Jeremy Martinez. Today Skowhegan Press has 5 regular employees, and several part-timers. The building contains not only the needed growth space (we've been really squished into our current 1000 square foot downtown location) but also offers us an industrial style building where we can install a loading dock, and operate a fork lift, both are important steps in our continued growth.

We are saddened to be moving out of downtown. We will miss being so close to all our friends down here. It has also been nice to be able to walk to so many locations we do business with.

If all goes according to plan, we'll be in the new facility by the end of the year. We are planning an open house, and will send details when available.

Skowhegan Press would like to thank all its loyal customers for your help and support as we've grown. We expect to be able to offer even better support to you from our new location.

Skowhegan Press Announces Aquisition & New Capabilities

After filing for Bankruptcy, the Assets of the former Deck Copy came into the possession of a local bank. Skowhegan Press has been able to purchase those assets, and move them to its 168 Water Street location.

Among the assets acquired, Skowhegan Press now has a Canon imagePROGRAF wide format printer. This machine is capable of printing on rolls up to 44" wide in full brilliant color, and can print on a wide variety of papers. Skowhegan Press is currently offering wide format printing on High Gloss stock for $5.00 per square foot.

Skowhegan Press Announces New Equipment

The first, a CS650 Pro, is a high-speed digital full color printing system. It produces exceptional color prints on a variety of paper media with finishing options for newsletters, brochures, booklets, memos, mailings and more.The Océ CS650 Pro makes short-run color printing affordable for even the smallest project.

The second, a VarioPrint 1105, is a high-speed digital black & white printing system. The Océ VarioPrint 1105 meets the needs and requirements of demanding production environments. With a large paper input and output capacity and various configurations and finishing options, it supports a wide range of applications and handles media from 40 up to 300 g/m^2.

Combined, these devices represent a huge leap forward in technology, and effeciency for Skowhegan Press. They have both proven to be workhorses in the business, and support the short to medium range runs Skowhegan Press is know for. Speed and versatility allow for even shorter run times, and allows us to offer fast turnarounds on most projects.

Skowhegan Press Moves 2,500-pound Heidelburg Press

As you know, we had begun remodeling the lobby as part of a Main Street grant we received this past summer. We had applied for the grant even before I went to Colorado. When Jon Schallert was here several weeks ago on his follow up visit, he toured my shop and suggested we move the machine. At first, we thought it was a crazy idea, but after considering it, we realized that moving it would not only provide an eye catching conversation piece for our normally bare front window, but also free up valuable space in our production area… space I have already filled with a large folding machine we acquired with the purchase of Fairfield Printing. It was really a win-win proposition.

We had to rip out the platform which had formally occupied our window area, and build a new floor. We used 2x12's and advantech as well as installing beams and columns to ensure that the floor would hold the weight and the force the machine exudes while operating.

Here are a few specs on the press. It was manufactured in 1953. It's about 4 feet wide and a little over 5 feet long. It's about 4 feet high as well. It weighs approximately 2,500 pounds. The machine is also called a windmill press because of it's two arms which spin like a windmill when it's operating. The press can apply up to 40 tons of impression strength to a sheet of paper, and can run at speeds up to 5,000 impressions per hour.

The platen press was at one time the staple of the printing business, but was replaced by offset presses years ago. These days, digital is now making huge inroads, as advances in technology have allowed reliable and affordable equipment to enter the market. We use both offset and digital technology, but the old Heidelburg still has its place. While we don't actually print with it anymore, its design makes it the ideal machine for jobs that require numbering, perforating and scoring. Some companies even use them for die cutting.

The machine is powered, and fully functional. Few who enter the lobby don't comment on the fascinating looking piece of equipment. Many are shocked to discover that it is still used. We use it for crash numbering and perforating, and occasionally, for scoring. Many are also supprised to discover, as old as it looks, that it was manufactured in 1953. It actually looks like it was built in the 1800s.

Our thanks to all those who helped with this move, and to Jon Shallert who suggested it in the first place.

Skowhegan Press Announces New Hire

Todd is the new chief information officer for Skowhegan Press, and will also serve as a graphic artist. Todd, who has many years of experience in computer support, will be responsible for updating and maintaining the IT infrastructure for Skowhegan Press in addition to his duties in graphic arts and customer support. Denno earned his certificate as Network Professional from CEI in Lowell Mass, and also has his MCP in Windows 2000.

Prior to joining Skowhegan Press, Denno was Customer Support Team Lead for Hewlett Packard in Andover, Massachusetts.

Skowhegan Press is a locally owned S-Corporation, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of BroMar, Inc. Skowhegan Press performs complete commercial printing operations out of its Skowhegan Maine office.

Skowhegan Press Buys Fairfield Printing

Jeremy Martinez, president of Skowhegan Press, said the sale closed on August 31.

Dan LaFlamme and his wife, Connie, wanted to thank all his customers for 38 years of support, “We would like to thank you for the support, business and in many cases friendship that you have given us for those many years. We could not have been as successful as we were if it were not for you. From our hearts, Connie and I would like to thank all of you for the many wonderful years.”

LaFlamme plans to retire, but he was hoping he'd find a buyer he was comfortable with. He wanted to know the customers would be taken care of after he was gone. “Skowhegan Press offers printing services similar to ours. He will not only be able to handle the orders that have been done here, but also to offer new services, such as full color and digital printing” LaFlamme said.

To summarize his business philosophy, Martinez said, “Skowhegan Press is a place where you will find friendly service and old-fashioned values: honesty, integrity, community. We make it our business to help your business grow. Our goal is for you to have the confidence that your specific needs have been met, and that ordering your printing services can be an enjoyable experience.”

Skowhegan Press plans to consolidate production and bookkeeping for all customers to its location in Skowhegan. “As much as we'd have liked to keep a facility open in Fairfield, the business was located in Mr. LaFlamme's home.” Martinez said. “It is not economically feasible for us to open a new location down there at this time. We do believe that we are close enough to handle the printing for all of Dan's customer's, however, and have offered free pick-up and delivery to help offset any inconvenience.”

Martinez has been the president of Skowhegan Press since he and his partner, Jerry Breault, purchased it in February of 2001 from the Dionne family. The Dionne's operated the business through three generations, and for more than 75 years. “It is our hope to continue that legacy. We already have two generations of our family here ... Jerry is my father-in-law, and our wives and children pitch-in quite a bit when we're really busy.” Martinez said. “We also recently hired my brother-in-law, Todd Denno, because there was consistently too much work for the two of us to handle. We've been growing by about 30% per year.”

Martinez wanted everyone to know that the Fairfield Printing number, (207) 453-7529, will continue to work as both a phone and fax. “We are very excited about the purchase, and so far, have been well received by the customers who we've dealt with. We are looking forward to meeting the rest.” Martinez said.

Skowhegan Press Receives Grant for Lobby Remodel

Skowhegan Press applied for a grant to do approximately $7,000.00 worth of work, including a complete remodel of the lobby / customer area. The lobby would be drywalled, repainted, and get a new tile floor and new lighting fixtures. The grant also covered the purchase of a couple new graphics computer workstations with software, an expensive estimating software program, and a new folding machine.

Skowhegan Press would like to thank all the folks who worked so hard both to obtain the grant funds, and to complete the project. We have received many complements on the updated lobby, and most are thrilled to see the restored original tinwork on the lobby wall. The project was completed in the fall of 2007.

Skowhegan Press Sends Representative to Colorado for Business Bootcamp

The group that was selected included Becky Richardson of the Blueberry Cupboard, Steve Govoni of Kennebec Gorge Realty, Heather Joyce of Deck Copy, Susan Lord of Peace Tree, and Jeremy Martinez from Skowhegan Press. The group spent three days in bootcamp, receiving in-depth instruction, strategies, and specific tactics on how to become a dominant Destination Business, which can pull consumers past competition. The groups learned what to change in their businesses to become a Destination, and were given tools to facilitate change.

The trip took place in July of 2007, and was followed up with an onsite visit from Jon to Skowhegan in the Fall. Jon also supported the group through telephone conference meetings for 6 months to support ongoing changes and developments in each business. The program was originally intended to provide a spark for the entire community, as these businesses would take their training and share it with other businesses. Unfortunatly, several factors have made this difficult. The greatest was the departure of Audrey Lovering, who took another job in Portland. Deck Copy went out of business in the summer of 2008. I believe the training proved both valuable and helpful to all the business, that remained. The only one I can definitively speak for is Skowhegan Press, whose sales doubled in 2008.

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