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Jeremy MartinezJeremy — “As president of the company, I enjoy meeting face to face with our customers. I strive to accommodate their needs. Skowhegan Press' interaction within the community is a high priority as well. I have participated with the local Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Skowhegan, and the D.B.A.

The bottom line is that our business is here to help your business succeed.

I have learned the printing business from the ground up. Having a background in computer graphics and marketing, I was able to help the Dionne family (former owners of Skowhegan Press) transition their printing business into the computer age. After some time, I purchased Skowhegan Press from Jim Dionne when he was ready to retire. Jim was a big help as I learned about the paper and printing aspect of the business. I furthered my education at Central Maine Community College. We have been slowly adding new staff and equipment, increasing our capabilities.

Jerry BreaultJerry — “I partnered with Jeremy as a retirement venture. After many years working on shipping and receiving warehouses, I became a pastor. Now I am back to my roots. I originally oversaw the production work and helped with bindery/post press. I have since moved into the marketing and financial departments of Skowhegan Press. I do my best to insure that you all know about Skowhegan Press and how we can save you money and take care of all your printing needs. I act as Chief Financial Officer. I also do most of the delivery runs for the company. It is nice to get out of the office every now and then. Customers sure do light up when they are handed their materials..”

Todd DennoTodd — “I have enjoyed over the years putting people's ideas onto paper. Also working closely with towns, and clubs and bringing their ideas to life. My primary function in the company is running the digital production area, as well as maintaining the network at Skowhegan Press.

As co-owner of Skowhegan Press, the growth and increasing profitability has been a great encouragement to me over the years. Our goal, as a team with all our employees, is to continue that growth throughout the future of the company. .”

Malachi MartinezMalachi — “I have attended two years of Graphic Arts training at Somerset Career & Technical Center (formerly known as Skowhegan Regional Vocational Center). I have also completed once semester of training in Offset Press Operation at Central Maine Community College. The training I have received over the past few years has been a great help in my current position in Skowhegan Press. I currently serve as the primary Press Operator as well as Production Supervisor.

I am glad to have the opportunity to work in a family environment doing the what I love to do. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and mechanical/machine work always came naturally to me. It is my goal to remain with Skowhegan Press and continue as their Press Operator throughout the future of the company. .”

Molly MartinezMolly — “I am now serving as a full time graphic artist. I enjoy the family atmosphere and the ability to work one-on-one with customers in order to create a design that suits both them and the production staff. I hope to be a valuable contributor to Skowhegan Press for many years to come. ”

Corey CaudilCorey — “I started working here almost a year ago and it has never ceases not to be boring. I love the fun and productive environment here. The Management is awesome and always tries to find a good balance between productivity and fun. I stilll have a lot to learn, but this is a great place for hands on learning too.


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